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How to Get Better Reporting for Dynamics GP and Other Legacy ERPs

How to Get Better Reporting for Dynamics GP and Other Legacy ERPs

One of the most memorable moments of the 2022 Summit Keynote address was the big announcement: GP has joined the list of legacy Microsoft ERPs that will no longer be enhanced. While users of GP, SL or NAV can still function and will be supported for at least the next few years, your reporting processes are not going to get any better…ever.

Unless you make a change.

FYIsoft: Better Reporting for Dynamics GP, SL and NAV

FYIsoft’s financial reporting for Microsoft can make that change pain free. You can keep your chosen ERP – GP, SL, NAV, or any other – but still gain all the reporting power you need to grow your business. Our infographic below summarizes key value propositions that Microsoft Dynamics customers gain with FYIsoft.

With an easy integration, we’ll help you extend the life of your GP, SL, or NAV ERP with greatly enhanced:

  • Financial reporting and FP&A capabilities that are continually enhanced and supported, with fully integrated solutions for budgeting and analytics (unlike Management Reporter).
  • Accessibility, with our cloud-based software enabling secure 24/7 access without relying on VPN connectivity.
  • Scalability, offering enterprise-strength solutions with unlimited growth.
  • Flexibility to move to the cloud. If you are currently running on-premises and planning a move to the Azure cloud, Management Reporter cannot go with you.

FYIsoft offers the easiest migration path for Microsoft customers seeking improved reporting and FP&A processes for your growing business. Our software easily migrates with any Dynamics ERP and is easy to use with a familiar row, column, tree structure. If you’ve used Management Reporter and/or FRx, you’re going to love FYIsoft and the additional power and functionality it delivers.

Schedule a demo and see how you can have robust, enterprise solutions – without the enterprise costs

better reporting for GP SL or NAV

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