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Have you Outgrown your Acumatica Financial Reporting Solution?

Have you Outgrown your Acumatica Financial Reporting Solution?

If you need Acumatica financial reporting capabilities, FYIsoft’s cloud-based solutions are for you.

FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software is fully integrated with Acumatica. FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting software is ideal for companies with complex consolidation and reporting requirements. Implementation is easy, and within hours you can be enjoying key FYIsoft features such as:

  • Multi-company consolidations
  • Global currency conversion
  • Superior interactive drill down capabilities
  • Easy, flexible report setup
  • Advanced, automated report distribution, accessible 24/7 from any device
  • The ability to merge non-financial data into reports to calculate KPIs

FYIsoft is Acumatica certified, designed to help you get more financial reporting power out of your Acumatica investment.

When Acumatica ARM isn’t enough

FYIsoft is ideal for companies that are outgrowing the basic reporting capabilities found in Acumatica ARM and need greater flexibility, speed, and power. Here are just a few of the features that enable FYIsoft customers to save up to 14 days with every period close:


FYIsoft makes consolidations easy, even in complex environments that involve multi-entities, global currency conversions or M&A activity. FYIsoft’s powerful engine easily consolidates this disparate data and creates standardized, perfectly-formatted reports with any view needed: consolidated or at the individual company level.

Report Generation

FYIsoft’s unique architecture is built around familiar structures such as rows, columns and unit sets, which make report setup a breeze. Any future changes made to the Chart of Accounts or report parameters will be reflected in those reports automatically, without the need for manual adjustments.

Report Distribution

FYIsoft puts an end to manually-intensive report distributions. Once reports are setup, FYIsoft enables users to automatically distribute reports with a click of a button. That’s hundreds or thousands of reports that can be distributed with complete confidence that you’re getting the right data to the right people, at exactly the right time.


FYIsoft enables the exporting of reports through secure web links, pdf or Excel. When exporting to Excel, many report writers simply dump data into a massive spreadsheet. FYIsoft, on the other hand, exports each company into its separate tab, further speeding and simplifying the reporting and analysis functions.

Why choose FYIsoft?

If Acumatica reporting is important to your organization, then the choice is easy: FYIsoft is already integrated with Acumatica. FYIsoft can get you up and running within hours. Schedule a demo with FYIsoft experts and and see what FYIsoft can do for you!


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