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A Faster Period Close is Something All Accounting Professional Dream Of– FYIsoft Can Help

A Faster Period Close is Something All Accounting Professional Dream Of– FYIsoft Can Help

Accounting professionals may disagree on processes and workflows, but they often agree on at least one point: that a faster period close is preferred and beneficial to business.

Did you know that FYIsoft can save up to five days on your close?

What could your staff accomplish with up to five days gifted back per period close? Financial executives will be thrilled to hear that the time saved can be reallocated to strategy and analysis.

Is a faster period close too good to be true?

No. But how can your organization make it happen?

Today’s executives know how much pressure there is to save time and money; the bottom line is at the forefront of every executive’s mind. Preparing pristine, accurate financial statements can be a time-consuming endeavor, and combined with a lack of visibility and fragmented data, many accounting teams are stretched beyond their means.

Fortunately, FYIsoft financial reporting solutions can help your organization do the following:

  • Managers and decision makers no longer have to wait to get answers from their accounting department–instead, they can analyze their own financial statements and quickly drill down to account level and transaction details
  • Reports and entries can also be analyzed all the way back to the transaction details, and alerts can be created using if/else statements
  • FYIsoft’s data auditing and validation feature can even check your work, and reports can easily be exported to Excel for further analysis

FYIsoft to the rescue

FYIsoft can offer new efficiencies that help you achieve and maintain faster period closes.

FYIsoft can connect to multiple general ledgers at a time, as well as drill down to the transaction level right from the report to ensure accurate reconciliations. With FYIsoft, it’s possible to complete your period-end close process in hours–rather than the days or weeks it often takes!

FYIsoft can propel you towards faster closes

Accounting professionals dream of a faster period close–and FYIsoft can make it a reality.

FYIsoft automates, simplifies, consolidates, and streamlines, cutting down on and even in some cases eradicating manual data entry. With less time spent on manual processes and more efficiency and accuracy due to automation, it’s easy to see why FYIsoft can help you achieve faster period closes.

Contact FYIsoft for a demo today to see how your dream of faster period closes can be a reality.


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