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Our ISV/Technology Partnership Opportunity Can Bring Greater Value to Your Clients

Our ISV/Technology Partnership Opportunity Can Bring Greater Value to Your Clients

Add power to your GL.

FYIsoft’s ISV/Technology partnership opportunity can bring greater value to your clients. FYIsoft can transform your GL with newer, more modern financial reporting capabilities that your clients have come to expect. By integrating with FYIsoft, you bring greater value to your clients while enhancing the investment you’ve already made in your core GL.

Some of the GLs that FYIsoft integrates with include: Acumatica, Apprise, Flexi, Epicor, Sage, Infor, Microsoft, NetSuite, and more. Through FYIsoft’s proprietary “connector,” FYIsoft can integrate with your exposed API and map the financial data from your GL into FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting solution. This integration delivers the speed, accuracy, and robust financial reporting capabilities that today’s finance teams need, such as:

  • Cloud financial reporting software
  • Access to reports 24/7 from any device
  • Simplified multi-company consolidations
  • Easier report generation
  • Automated report distribution
  • Powerful, interactive drill down capabilities
  • Global currency conversions and much more

The value of an investment in FYIsoft

FYIsoft is a great choice for technology platforms that need more power and the benefits of cloud reporting, without significant time and capital investments.

Industry-Focused GLs

Your expertise has delivered the industry-specific functionality that your clients need. FYIsoft’s expertise will enable you to deliver a power-packed cloud financial reporting solutions so your clients don’t have to find it elsewhere.

Proprietary and Legacy GLs

Your GL system does the job, but you’re feeling the pressure from clients wanting the benefits of more modern cloud reporting. FYIsoft can modernize your financial reporting offering, without the need to rewrite your code.

FYIsoft has integrated with dozens of ISVs/technology platforms and knows how to make a partnership mutually successful

Contact us and a member of FYIsoft’s partner team will show you how your company can benefit from a partnership with FYIsoft. An investment in FYIsoft software means your clients can dramatically improve the speed of their financial close processes with stronger reporting capabilities.

FYIsoft can bring your clients greater value

FYIsoft knows that your clients are demanding more than ever, and in this era of cloud accounting, FYIsoft can help your business deliver.

FYIsoft has built a network of 8,500 users and counting. With software solutions that are user-friendly, convenient, accessible, and integrate with popular GLs, FYIsoft is the obvious choice for improving your accounting processes and your relationships with your clients.

Click here to learn more about our ISV/Technology partnership.

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