For Macola customers that are outgrowing Macola’s basic reporting capabilities, there’s
good news: FYIsoft delivers the modern, powerful reporting solution you’re seeking, without
the need to replace your ERP. Key advantages include:

Easier Multi-Entity Consolidations

Easier Multi-Entity Consolidations:

Once reports are setup, an infinite number of report consolidations can be completed with a click of a button.

Reporting Speed


With FYIsoft, the reporting process can be completed within minutes, saving up to weeks of time during the financial close process.

Report Distribution


FYIsoft’s report distributions are automated to deliver the right reports to the right people – all perfectly formatted straight out of the system.

FYIsoft’s financial reporting software is fully supported, continually enhanced, and is designed to grow with your business. See how we can save you 10+ days during every close.

Key Features For Macola Users

Excel-based report writers like Macola slow down the financial close process with tedious, manual tasks that can pose significant risks. FYIsoft is integrated with Macola, making it easy to gain powerful speed, control and sophisticated features without replacing your ERP. Within hours you can start taking advantage of these powerful features and many more:


Multi-Entity Consolidations

Easily consolidate many reporting units or companies with different GLs, data sources, chart of accounts, structures and fiscal calendars.

Board Ready Reports

Board-Ready Reports

Financial statements are perfectly formatted and ready for the boardroom or SEC filing, right out of the system with no manual editing needed.

Advanced Distribution

Advanced Distribution

Keep management of all levels well-informed with automated distribution that ensures the right reports get to the right people.

Eliminates Excel Risk

Eliminates Excel Risks

Protect the data integrity of your financial statement with automated features that remove manual entries and the risk of errors.

Powerful Drill Down

Powerful Drill-Down

Web-based reports are delivered via secure email link. Users are empowered to conduct their own analyses and view details behind any transaction.

Secure Cloud Reporting

Secure Cloud Reports

Cloud deployment provides secure access to reports, 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

Proven to Cut Reporting Time 50%!

Excel is flexible but corruptible, which makes it dangerous. The prospect of putting something as critical as our financial information into it made us very uncomfortable...FYIsoft stood out as the clear Excel-alternative. We cut the completion cycle for reports by 50%...

-Becky Roth

FYIsoft customer and Financial Reporting & Systems Analyst, Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona


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