Financial Reporting for Macola

With FYIsoft, Macola users can gain all the modern reporting power needed without replacing their ERP.

Stronger Financial Reporting For Macola

For Macola customers that are outgrowing Macola’s basic reporting capabilities, there’s good news: FYIsoft delivers the modern, powerful reporting solution you’re seeking, without the need to replace your ERP. Key advantages include:

  • Easier Multi-Entity Consolidations: Our powerful multi-entity reporting feature makes it easy to consolidate an infinite number of reports with just the click of a button.
  • Speed: With FYIsoft, the reporting process can be completed within minutes, saving up to weeks of time during the financial close process.
  • Distribution: FYIsoft’s report distribution process is automated to deliver the right reports to the right people – all perfectly formatted straight out of the system.

FYIsoft’s financial reporting software is fully supported, continually enhanced, and is designed to grow with your business. See how we can save you 10+ days during every close.