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FYIsoft Partners with UiPath to Automate the Financial Close

FYIsoft Partners with UiPath to Automate the Financial Close

Built on the UiPath end-to-end enterprise automation platform, FYIApps complement FYIsoft’s unified suite of financial reporting, budgeting, and analytics solutions, providing additional automation power to accelerate the financial close.

Naples, FL – February 22, 2022 – FYIsoft, a leading provider of solutions that speed and simplify financial reporting, planning, and analysis, today announces a technology partnership with UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company.

“Our partnership with UiPath further strengthens our best of breed solutions for financial reporting, planning and analytics,” said Jennifer Cheng, President and CEO of FYIsoft. “By leveraging UiPath’s enterprise automation technology, we can further automate components of the financial close process, specifically those tasks that are routine and highly manual, where RPA and AI can greatly improve productivity.”

As a UiPath Advanced Technology Partner since 2021, FYIsoft is now introducing a series of applications (“FYIApps”) to the UiPath Marketplace designed to enhance FYIsoft’s core solutions with additional automation capabilities. The FYIApps leverage UiPath technology to automate specific manual processes that traditionally slow down the financial close.

“The need for digital transformation in the finance area continues to grow rapidly as CFOs and other finance leaders seek to improve productivity, drive down costs, and streamline compliance,” said Riley O’Brien Wolff, Global Alliances Director at UiPath. “With this partnership, UiPath and FYIsoft serve the growing market demand to enable our joint customers to digitize F&A operations faster than thought possible.”

Two FYIApps are currently available through the UiPath Marketplace, each designed to automate a component of the key function that typically burden finance and accounting teams:

  1. Instantly Set Up or Change Reports – The FYIApp, “Org Tree,” leverages UiPath robots to automate the manual processes involved with setting up organizational reporting structures within ReportFYI. With the Org Tree in place, customers can make any changes needed to reorganize reporting structures or see different views of the financial data with drag-and-drop ease, a significant time saver especially compared to Excel-based reporting solutions.
  1. Automate Intercompany Eliminations – This FYIApp automates intercompany reconciliations and exception reporting, which continues to be a tedious, manual process for many accountants. Leveraging RPA and AI, UiPath’s robots can filter through large volumes of transactions quickly to identify potential intercompany transaction matching, reducing manual work for accountants and improving the speed and accuracy of the financial close process.

By leveraging innovative technologies, FYIsoft is committed to continually delivering reporting and FP&A solutions that dramatically increase efficiency, shorten the close cycle, and result in an impressive ROI. To learn more about the FYIApps available in the UiPath Marketplace, visit


About FYIsoft, Inc.

FYIsoft is committed to enabling finance and accounting teams to speed and simplify the financial close cycle and make better data-driven decisions with its unified platform for reporting, planning and analysis (FP&A). Ideal for proactive CFOs desiring the ability for teams to work efficiently without relying on IT or costly customizations by consultants, FYIsoft’s software is ready to use with robust features not typically found in the mid-market. See how FYIsoft is improving productivity by 50% or more for finance and accounting professionals around the world at

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