Acquire a Company and Now You Need Financial Reporting From Multiple GLs?

Acquiring companies with different GLs or managing multi entity reporting needs can quickly become a nightmare scenario when the proper software solutions are not in place. Fortunately, FYIsoft has you covered with impressive financial consolidation software to sooth the burden of managing multiple GLs.

New regulations and segmentation of revenue mean that spreadsheets alone may no longer be a viable solution when working with multiple GLs. Efficiency, accuracy, and immediate visibility are critical for internal and external financial reporting.

FYIsoft’s financial software solutions enable simpler financial consolidation by reducing the time and resources it takes to gather and compare financial data from multiple sources. By automating critical accounting functionalities and minimizing manual processes, you can reduce errors and focus on value-added financial analysis.

For multinational businesses, FYIsoft solutions enable quick translation of multi-company balances into the required reporting currencies. The solution enables currency conversion calculations that make it easier to evaluate consolidated financial statements in a single currency.

Additionally, FYIsoft’s financial consolidation software:

  • Integrates with any general ledger system (or Excel) to import and standardize data, and automate the creation of beautifully formatted, consolidated reports, and
  • Translates multinational balances into a single currency (or multiple currencies, if desired)

Why choose FYIsoft when managing multiple GLs?

Choosing FYIsoft’s financial consolidation software is an easy choice. It’s a cloud-based solution, which means it’s secure, always current, and always accessible from any device with an internet connection. Its user-friendly and convenient interface makes even the most frustrating accounting work a breeze.

With 8,500 users and counting, FYIsoft’s loyal customer base speaks for itself. With software that automates, simplifies, consolidates, and streamlines, it’s easy to see why it is increasingly preferred over on-premise software solutions.

Contact FYIsoft for a demo today to see how this cloud-based solution can help you access financial reports from multiple GLs, as well as consolidate them.


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