Financial Consolidation Software

New regulations and segmentation of revenue are just two of the many reasons financial leaders are investing in solutions that automate the consolidation process. Spreadsheets alone may no longer be a viable solution. Efficiency, accuracy, and immediate visibility are critical for internal and external financial reporting.

FYIsoft's Software Features

FYIsoft’s financial software solutions enable simpler financial consolidation by reducing the time and resources it takes to gather and compare financial data from multiple sources. By automating critical accounting functionalities and minimizing manual processes, you can reduce errors and focus on value-added financial analysis.

For multi-national businesses, our solutions enable quick translation of multi-company balances into the required reporting currencies. It enables currency conversion calculations that make it easier to evaluate consolidated financial statements in a single currency.

  • Integrate with multiple general ledgers for a consolidated view of information.
  • Utilize consolidated reports with the ability to drill down and analyze data at the transaction level.

Financial Consolidation