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The Cloud Accounting Revolution is Happening Right Now!

The Cloud Accounting Revolution is Happening Right Now!

Cloud accounting software is gaining momentum, some considering it revolutionary to the way small business owners, accountants, and contractors alike do business. And for good reason: cloud accounting software is changing every aspect of the accounting process, shifting roles and opening up new possibilities.

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Running a business is easier than ever

There are lots of nuts and bolts to running a business, and cloud software makes it easier than ever to efficiently manage processes with less manpower. Managing accounting in the cloud means that accounts are always current and data is globally accessible. Discrepancies in data are less common in the cloud as compared to spreadsheet bookkeeping, which requires manual manipulation of data.

How the landscape is changing

Cloud accounting can improve and fine-tune business practices in the following revolutionary ways:


  • Data accuracy: Data in the cloud is often much more accurate than data that lives in a spreadsheet requiring manual manipulation.
  • Secure, 24/7 access: Data is accessible to any user with an internet connection, meaning data can be accessed at the office, at home, or on the road—and anywhere in between.
  • Streamlined reporting: Reports can be individually customized. From one consolidated report, you can separate information by department, region, geography, management level, etc., and only share the specific data that is needed. This minimizes risk and enables you to streamline the close process knowing your data is accurate.
  • Faster period close: Save up to five days on your close, allowing more time for important analysis.
  • Time gifted back to employees: By reducing the manual work required of your workforce, your staff can focus their efforts on strategic or advisory roles, helping to grow your business by providing more value to customers—and by growing your clientbase!


How FYIsoft can help you

The cloud revolution is changing business. FYIsoft has 8,500 users and counting, and the team is ready to help upgrade your software, process, and workflow.

FYIsoft’s easy-to-use cloud solutions simplify even the most complex financial reporting demands by automating manual processes and enabling users to get the right information to the right people.

FYIsoft solutions help users with financial reporting, management reporting, financial consolidation, close management and reconciliation, report distribution, and more.

To start reaping the positive benefits of cloud software, including improved data accuracy, security, 24/7 access, automation, and improved communication, contact FYIsoft for a demo today.

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