FYIsoft's FRx Report Replacement

3 Reasons Why FYIsoft’s FRx Report Replacement is Your Best Option

It’s time to step into 2018 and replace Microsoft’s archaic FRx reporting tool.

Fortunately, FYIsoft offers an FRx report replacement solution that offers the same key FRx features that finance departments depend on, plus enhanced financial reporting software benefits that will take your reporting to the next level.

FYIsoft’s solution can replace your FRx reporter and convert your unsupported FRx reports. FYIsoft systematically converts existing FRx reports at the database level so the conversion process is accurate, reliable, and consistent, regardless of how many FRx reports you may have.

Here are the top three reasons why FYIsoft’s FRx report replacement is your best option in 2018.

  • It’s time for your business to retire use of the Microsoft FRx reporting solution

Microsoft officially retired it FRx reporting solution over five years ago. Isn’t it time that your business welcomed the new and changing technology trend and retired it, too?

The FYIsoft solution easily converts: catalogs, rows, columns, trees, account sets, font styles, and formulas.

  • All the features your business needs are built into the FYIsoft FRx report replacement solution

FYIsoft’s FRx report replacement solution offers the same key FRx features on which finance departments depend, plus enhanced financial reporting software benefits that will take your reporting to the next level. Familiar components of rows, columns, and organizational trees help FRx users quickly adapt to FYIsoft reports. The intuitive, user-friendly interface offers a comfortable navigation environment that includes:

  • Point-and-click features
  • Drag-and-drop actions
  • Pull-down menus

Join the existing FYIsoft clientbase that has used this tool to convert thousands upon thousands of FRx reports quickly and easily. Contact the experts at FYIsoft today to learn more about the FRx Report Replacement Plan.

What can FYIsoft do for you

FYIsoft has 8,500 users and counting, and the team is ready to help upgrade your software, process, and workflow.

FYIsoft’s easy-to-use cloud solutions simplify even the most complex financial reporting demands by automating manual processes and enabling users to get the right information to the right people.

FYIsoft solutions help users with financial reporting, management reporting, financial consolidation, close management and reconciliation, report distribution, and more.

To start reaping the positive benefits of cloud software, including improved data accuracy, security, 24/7 access, automation, and improved communication, contact FYIsoft for a demo today.