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Reseller Partners

FYIsoft’s reseller partner program offers two opportunities to profit from FYIsoft's platform. Choose the program that best aligns with your desired commitment and reward.​

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are equipped to market and sell FYIsoft solutions to their customers. Full support, a partner portal rich in resources, and an attractive revenue share model ensure sustainable success. Strategic partners gain:

  • Expertise in financial reporting and analytics software through FYIsoft’s training program.
  • Full support and access to FYIsoft’s partner portal and demo sites.
  • Generous revenue share on closed deals, along with the ability to drive unlimited revenue through professional services such as consulting, implementation, training, support and report creation.
  • A competitive edge that strengthens customer loyalty and provides sustainable growth opportunities.

Referral Partners

Referral partners assist with lead referral introductions and relationship development while FYIsoft provides the expertise on our products and technology. Referral partners gain:

  • Reliable sales support by FYIsoft’s sales professionals eager to help you close the deals.
  • Revenue through commission on closed deals.
  • Loyalty from clients who will appreciate your advice and referral to FYIsoft for powerful financial reporting and analytics solutions.

Are you a Microsoft partner?

Learn more about the value we bring to your Dynamics customers.

Are you a ISV?

Learn more about our ISV/technology partner program.

More Benefits of Our Partnership

Superior Solutions

Provide clients with best-in-class financial reporting and analysis solutions that will positively impact their bottom line. FYIsoft is proven to boost productivity 50% or more and dramatically speed the financial close process.
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Flexible Growth

FYIsoft’s solutions integrate with any GL and are designed to scale, which means that as a reseller your business can thrive no matter which GL(s) you represent. With multiple products, you’ll have ample opportunity to offer wrap-around services, if desired.
Designed for Growth

Cloud Software

When clients may be reluctant to move to the cloud, FYIsoft is a low cost/low risk entry. We integrate with existing GLs (including on-premise) and deliver all the benefits of the cloud – without replacing your client’s core system or forcing costly upgrades.
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Contact us and let’s explore how FYIsoft can benefit your clients, and your business.

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