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Meet your client's needs for stronger financial reporting and FP&A solutions through a partnership with FYIsoft.​

One Solution: Any Dynamics ERP

FYIsoft is a Microsoft partner committed to providing premier financial reporting and FP&A solutions for any Dynamics ERP. Designed for companies with complex reporting needs such as multi-entity/multi-GL consolidations, currency conversions, or changing reporting demands, FYIsoft is ready to be your go-to partner for solutions that will scale with your clients, while growing your business.

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Our Focus is Your Advantage

Reporting, Analysis, Budgeting in One Platform

Speeding the financial close processes through easier financial reporting, analysis and budgeting is our sole focus. Our solutions are fully supported and built to scale with your client’s growing business, so you’ll never have to worry about products that are sunsetting or discontinued.

FYIsoft’s unified platform for financial reporting and FP&A provides robust features, powerful automation, and extreme ease of use for your clients, and multiple opportunities for revenue growth for your business. Learn more about our Microsoft-ready solutions.

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Powerful Features Designed for Multi-Entities and Growing Companies

FYIsoft is ideal for multi-entity and high-growth companies. For these environments, FYIsoft's superior speed, accuracy, and efficiency gains cannot be matched by Management Reporter, Financial Reporter, or Excel-based report writers.

Multi-Entity Consolidations

Automated consolidations for multi-entity reporting, even with different GLs, charts of accounts, or currencies.

Presentation-Ready Reports

Financial statements are perfectly formatted and board-ready, right out of the system.

Report Distribution

One-click, automated report distribution sends all reports to all levels, with guaranteed accuracy.

No Excel Risks

Protect the integrity of your financial data, eliminate import/export time and remove the risk of manual errors.

Powerful Drill Down

Authorized users can drill down to view all transaction-level details, even the scanned invoice.

Secure Cloud Reports

Users have secure cloud access to reports, 24/7 from anywhere, through any mobile device.

The Familiarity of Rows, Columns, Trees

The Ease of Use that Microsoft Customers Love

FYIsoft's unique "building block" structure of rows, columns, and organization trees brings Microsoft customers everything they loved about FRx and Management Reporter, and so much more.

With an easy integration, FYIsoft is the ideal reporting solution for the entire Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Schedule a demo and see why Microsoft customers love FYIsoft.

Do you still have clients using the unsupported FRx?

Don't Let This Happen To Your Clients

“We waited too long to get off FRx. Our system crashed and we have no way to pull our financials together. PLEASE HELP.”

We helped this new customer find their happy ending shortly after, but it doesn’t need to be this stressful! FYIsoft’s  FRx report replacement solution makes it easy to transition to an enterprise-level reporting solution, with all the things they love about FRx but with a lot more power. We’ll even convert all their existing financial reports. 

Microsoft partners, we are committed to your success.

FYIsoft integrates with the entire Microsoft ecosystem (and nearly any non-Microsoft ERP), so no matter where your clients move to in the future, FYIsoft can go with them. Our platform sets you up for long-term success.

We welcome a discussion and invite you to contact us to further explore the opportunities.

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