Close Management - Efficiency & Speed

Business needs are getting more complex yet the time allotment for period closes and reconciliation is shrinking. FYIsoft enables you to automate the reporting process while delivering accurate, timely financial reports.  Quicker close means more time for analysis.

Managers and decision-makers can analyze their own financial statements and quickly drill down to account level and transaction level details, if security permits.  No longer do they have to wait to get answers from the accounting department.

Reports and entries can be analyzed all the way back to the transaction details, and alerts can be created using if/else statements.  Our data auditing and validation feature can even check your work! Reports can easily be exported to Excel for further analysis.

  • FYIsoft can connect into multiple general ledgers at a time, thus saving a tremendous amount of work by the CFO, finance and/or accounting team
  • Complete your period-end close process in hours versus days or weeks by automating a more efficient workflow
  • Drill down to the transaction level right from the report to ensure accurate reconciliations
  • Data auditing and validation

Financial Close Management