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Three Words That Can Transform Financial Reporting

Three Words That Can Transform Financial Reporting

Organizations need the ability to create financial statements within seconds – with complete confidence that the right people get the right reports, at just the right time.

Thousands of financial reports should be produced – from consolidated roll-ups to departmental breakdowns – with 100% accuracy, and securely distributed to anyone, anywhere, at any time. And financial reporting time should be cut by 50 percent.

FYIsoft has the solution to these challenges, and three words encapsulate its power: rows, columns, and trees. It may sound simple but they’re the three components that will literally transform the way financial statements are produced.

FYIsoft’s solution provides additional features that enable users to customize reporting for their organization’s structure:

  • Multi-entity reporting – easily consolidate data from many companies or different GLs in an instant.
  • Automated distribution – regardless of how many reporting units or levels, all reports can be distributed with just one click.
  • Drill down – unlike most others, FYIsoft empowers ALL users, including those outside of accounting, to analyze their own financial statements. They can view all transaction-level details right down to the scanned invoice.
  • Perfectly formatted – no more manual formatting with Excel; FYIsoft financial statements are ready for the Boardroom right out of the system.

Schedule a brief demo and let us demonstrate how the three words can transform your financial reporting.

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