Your New Normal Begins Today-Here’s Why It’s a Good Thing

Your New Normal Begins Today-Here’s Why It’s a Good Thing

When everything’s at stake, the ability to understand the financial health of your business cannot be compromised. 

Over the last 10 days, life as we know it has recently changed, forcing most of us to make uncomfortable adjustments in the way we live, shop, play, and work.

Those adjustments have been downright painful but necessary. Yet with a combination of resiliency, creative spirit and our innate ability to rise above trying circumstances, FYIsoft has quickly and successfully adjusted to our “new normal.”

We will persevere, and so will you. Because through this hardship have come many valuable lessons learned – including what it takes to respond quickly to protect our businesses from further discord. One of the most valuable weapons in our arsenal has been our ability to work remotely and adapt on the fly.

Cloud software is the foundation for making remote work teams possible. To all those developers responsible for creating the myriad of software products that have become the lifeblood of our daily work, THANK YOU.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our own team at FYIsoft for creating the tremendous financial reporting, analytics and budgeting software that has enabled finance teams to continue working without missing a beat when it comes to their financial close.

Through this learning experience we’ve made six realizations that have us declaring, this new normal is a good thing.

  1. Empowering finance and beyond with 24/7 access to financials

We may take for granted our ability to step into the office every morning and log into our email, CRM, intranet, news and information sites, and all our other mission-critical apps. With the exception of the new view from our home offices, accessing this software is virtually the same from anywhere with an Internet connection – without setup, installation or any other disruption.

Financial data isn’t always as easily accessible outside of the office walls, but for FYIsoft customers, logging into our cloud software is just as easy and secure when working from a remote location. With 90% of U.S. households estimated to have cable high speed internet, most professionals can enjoy the benefits of our ultra-fast financial reports, even from home.

This ability to effectively work remotely covers the entire spectrum of financial report usage, from the finance team preparing the reports to all stakeholders relying on them: department or division heads, senior management, board members or auditors. With varying levels of access rights, authorized users have the flexibility to create or change any report needed without any assistance needed from teammates, IT, or other resources. On the receiving end, report owners can view their financial statements online and conduct their own research by clicking to view all the transaction-level details behind any entry (including attached PDF invoices) – without the ability to alter data or impact the accuracy of the financials.

  1. Workflow is the new collaboration

Financial close times are difficult even under ideal circumstances when everyone involved is sitting within earshot. The ability to call impromptu meetings, solve reconciliation puzzles, or seek deeper explanations on entries are all critical components of the close process. But when team members are dispersed and working from home, the process becomes a bit like herding cats.

Having workflow capabilities built into our software ensures this collaboration is not lost, but rather conducted online where everything – including reports, distribution lists, dashboards and more – can be easily tracked, referenced, and accessed by all team members. All of this connectedness creates a seamless financial close process that is proven to boost productivity 50% or more.

  1. Getting financial data to the right people is golden

If there’s one thing management must be certain of during uncertain times, it’s the company’s financial performance. Working remotely cannot impede the urgency to deliver any management report needed, whenever it’s needed.

Yet that can be a daunting task for finance teams, when the distribution of large volumes of reports requires separate financials to be created for each report owner, and then distributed individually with extreme caution to ensure the wrong report (with confidential data) doesn’t get sent to the wrong person.

Even when working remotely, FYIsoft eliminates this risk and enables customers to generate and distribute all reports to exactly the right people – with just a click. Watch this one-minute video to see how easy this is.

  1. When time is not on your side, spreadsheets aren’t either

Spreadsheets are part of our daily lives, particularly for finance professionals. They’re used to compile, compare, sort, filter, track – nearly every finance function is enhanced with spreadsheets, except when it comes to corporate financial reporting.

Many finance teams still struggle with the massive spreadsheets and endless tabs required to consolidate many different departments, divisions or entities. All of this presents challenges during a routine financial close, but in the midst of crises when the teams may be working remotely and juggling separate files, with management demanding answers yesterday, relying on Excel for financial close processes becomes unmanageable. Especially considering nearly 90% of spreadsheets are estimated to contain errors that often go undetected. (Download our eBook by for additional insight.)

One of FYIsoft’s most valuable features that our customers love is the ability to run reports within seconds, with just the