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Financial Reporting and FP&A for D365 F&O

FYIsoft is a Microsoft partner and provider of premier financial reporting and FP&A solutions for multi-entity and growing companies. Powerful yet easy to use, FYIsoft integrates with D365 and is ready for F&O customers.

Features You Need, But Won't Find in D365

When it comes to financial reporting, D365 F&O customers with complex needs quickly outgrow the capabilities of their default Financial Reporter. FYIsoft is designed for fast-growing companies and those with complex accounting needs, like multi-entity/multi-GL consolidations or currency conversions. We are a Microsoft partner and committed to helping Microsoft customers optimize their D365 solution with all the reporting power needed today, and tomorrow.

Multi-Entity/GL Consolidations

Quickly consolidate data for multi-entity reporting, even with different GLs, charts of accounts, or currencies.

Board-Ready Reports

Financial statements are perfectly formatted and ready for presentation to execs, the board, or auditors.

Automated Distribution

True, one-click report distribution enables you to send sends all reports to all levels, with 100% accuracy.

Eliminate Risks of Excel

Eliminate the risks of Excel and protect the data integrity of your financial statements.

Powerful Drill Down

Report owners can drill down to view all transaction-level details, including scanned invoices.

Secure, Cloud Reports

Reports can be securely accessed 24/7 through any web-enabled device (or exported in any format).

FYIsoft for D365 F&O

Fully supported financial reporting software your business will never outgrow.

See why we’re the premier financial reporting solution for Microsoft D365 F&O customers.

View our brief demo video and discover how easy financial reporting can be with FYIsoft, even in your complex environment: 

  • Extremely easy to learn and use
  • Flexibility to create and view reports any way needed
  • Automated, unlimited multi-entity consolidations and currency conversion
  • True one-click automated report distribution
  • Presentation-ready, formatted reports
  • Fully supported and built to scale with your growing business

Unlimited Growth Potential for D365 Customers

Reporting, Analysis, Budgeting in One Platform

FYIsoft’s financial reporting software is part of our unified platform for reporting, analytics and budgeting – with all these modules available and ready to add on as your business grows. Request a demo and see why FYIsoft is the most powerful, cost-effective unified platform for reporting and FP&A available for D365 F&O.

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Most frequent questions from Microsoft D365 F&O customers.

The only impact you can expect is a much faster financial close. Our customers report speeding their financial reporting processes by 50% or more. 

Yes. FYIsoft’s solutions are easy to use and learn, without any help from IT or consultants. We enable accounting and finance teams to self-serve all their reporting, analytics and budgeting needs. 

With FYIsoft, you will easily be able to create any report views needed: by rows, columns, departments, time periods, entities – any ad-hoc reporting needs are just a click away.

If you you are a former FRx user, you will love that FYIsoft gives you a familiar , intuitive structure with rows, columns, trees, etc. There’s virtually no learning curve. But unlike FRx, FYIsoft gives you a lot of power designed for the enterprise, such as unlimited multi-entities, currency conversion, and amazing flexibility to create and distribute reports. Learn more about our FRx report replacement.

No, not for the standard formats required for financial statements. With FYIsoft, the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements are formatted just the way your auditors or executives expect. Reports are available for sharing via secure online link, and can also be downloaded in any file format needed, including PDF or Excel.

FYIsoft is designed for multi-entity companies, and this includes global enterprises. An unlimited number of entities can easily be consolidated, even if those entities have different general ledgers (as happens with acquisitions), chart of accounts, or currencies. FYIsoft works to consolidate all your disparate financial data and standardize it for consistent reporting. 

Reporting and analytics are part of our integrated suite but are sold separately for the convenience of our customers. You can maximize the value of FYIsoft by purchasing the full suite (which also includes budgeting, or easily add these additional modules when you’re ready. Learn more here.

Download Brochure: FYIsoft for Microsoft

See FYIsoft in Action

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